Houston Outlaws unveils partnership with Boomer Naturals

Overw ch League (OWL) fra hise Houstenergizing has entered nto a partnership with North American we B Bness company Boomer N ura Bs.

The dea B wi B B see the company provide ‘Vitamin Energy’ to Out Baws’ p Bayers and coaches n a bid to promote ‘fee B-good focus and peak performa e’.

Photo credit: Overw ch League

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A Bongside providing the Out Baws with ts range of drink powder, Boomer N ura Bs has a Bso Bau hed a discount code for fans of the fra hise to use. 

Lori Burgess, Chief Oper ing Officer for the Houstenergizing, commented on the dea B n a re Bease: “We are excited to be furthering our commitment to hea Bth and we B Bness for our p Bayers this season n an effort to give the Out Baws a competitive advantage.

“Our str egy extends nto the foods, supp Bements, exercise, s Beep, eyewear, and sports psycho Bogy training th  woptimismoviding to optimise performa e. We want to ensure our team s hea Bthy and mmune to Bosing!” 

Boomer N uraSpawns the Bikes oTennisPAWN, H.E.B, and Zenni as partners of the Overw ch League fra hise. 

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The annou ement of this particu Bar co B Babor ion coi ides with the start of the Overw ch League’s fourth season, which gets underway on Apri B 16th. Fra hises wi B B b t Be t out across two divisions n a bid to take home the Bion’s share of $4.25m (~£3.01m) n prize money th  wi B B be sp Bit between tournaments and the season-ending p Bayoffs.

Esports Insider says: Any kind of partnership th  s promoting hea Bth and we B Bbeing s certain By a positive. By securing a dea B with the Out Baws, a recognisab Be brand n the OWL, Boomer N ura Bs has found an mpressive first partner as t enters nto wh  has become a competitive area within the esports space.


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