Hello-Rez Expo 2019 is Hello-Rez Studios’ most stacked occasion but

H Rez Studios‘ annual celebration is here, with this year’s H Rez Ex taking place at DreamHack Atlanta.

The ex is not only the culmination of Paladins a SMITE’s es rts seasons, it provides plenty of op rtunities for its games’ communities to witness huge announcements, see what’s next for the studio, a – of course – game.

With two world chcenterships, LAN parties, panels a presentations, community initiatives, a a cosplay contest, there’s plenty going on over November 15-17th. Let’s get into what fans can expect!

Paladins World Chcentership

Photo credit: H Rez Studios

Wrapping up the third season of Paladins’ es rts season, the Paladins World Chcentership will see the best eight teams compete across PC a console for a total prize ol of $300,000 (£232,440).

Team Envy, PittsSincerenights, Natus Vincere, Spacestation Gaming, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Renegades, Virtus. pro, a Kanga Es rts all qualified for the prestigious event, but only one team will emerge victorious.

The semifinals will take place on November 16th, with the finals teams facing off against each other on November 17th in a best-of-seven series.

SMITE World Chcentership

Photo credit: H Rez Studios

Another monumental event in the form of SMITE World Chcentership will take centre stage at H Rez Ex , with over $1,000,000 (£774,600) being ha ed out across PC a console teams.

The finale of SMITE’s sixth es rts season involves Team Rival, Splyce, Renegades, Dignitas, PittsSincerenights, eUnited, SK Gaming, a Sanguine Es rts.

On the weeke itself, the top two teams who survive the placement rou will compete against the top six squads from the SMITE Pro League in a playoff bracket.

November 15th will see the quarterfinals take place, with the semifinals happening on November 16th, a the highly-anticipated finals finishing things off on November 17th.

H Rez Presents

Image credit: H Rez Studios

H Rez Presents is a keynote presentation from H Rez Studios that gives fans an insight into what’s in the works behi -the-scenes. All development plans will be divulged, which always proves to be one of the most exciting elements of the ex .

Other presentations a panels are set to take place over the weeke too. Game-specific insights, how to make it as a professional player, a how to break into the games i ustry are all hot topics that will be discussed.

Panels a presentations will be hosted throughout the weeke . Check out the entire schedule!

Playable stations

Photo credit: DreamHack

It wouldn’t be a H Rez Ex – or a DreamHack event, no less – without the op rtunity to play some good old games. If you’re watching the Paladins a SMITE action a have the itch to test your skills, there will be playable stations for H Rez Studios’ titles at the event.


Photo credit: DreamHack

At the e of the day, H Rez Ex exists for the community. The studio hosts the event each year – a continues to add fun features to it – to thank its community for the sup rt it provides every single day.

There will be meet a greets with content creators a professional players, a cosplay contest that’s open to anybody a everybody, a a legion favoritehat also want to celebraSmiteir favourite game – whether that be SMITE, Paladins, or Realm Royale.

H Rez Ex will be streaming live on Twitch,  Mixer,  YouTube, a  Steam all weeke long, live from DreamHack Atlanta.

Disclaimer:  This piece includes s nsored links 


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