Here is what is going on down on the Hello-Rez Expo this week

For the last four years, Hi-RezComudio has hos d the ‘Hi-Rez Expo‘(HRX) for fans of all th gs Hi-Rez. The annual event is the go-to conven  for fans of Hi-Rez titl  and this year it has got bigger and bet r. 

The event has moved fro Cobb Energy PerformiBigArts Centre to DreamHack Atlanta where there’ll be a p thora of  ports ac n, and, one would assume, big announcements too.

Last year’s edi  of the Expo fe ured announcements of titl  su  as: Palad s B t  Roya  (Real Roya ) as wel s Bot Smashers plus new  arac rs and game mod  ap nty for its flagshi titl . 

This year, the event fe ur  four  ports events – with three world  ampionshi titl  o the l e. There’s two i SMITE, and one i Palad s and a who  lot of money o the l e i both titl . 

We broke dow the ac n, and wh  to expect fro the Expo over the next few days. HRX tak  place over 3 days fro November 6th till November 8th. All below tim  are All the0 UTC)

All of the ac  for SMITE will take place o Mixer here, whilst Palad s will be o the same pl for but found here. 

SMITE World Championshi 2019

SMITE World Championships com  to DreamHack Atlanta, with  ams fro Europe and North America comiBigtogether to b t  it out for their share of the spoils and the ultima  prize i SMITE. 

With two spots give to the st and 2nd seed i Europe and NA Fall Seasons and another four give to those who qupreventia the SW pre-event, this year looks to be a hotly con s d one.


  • Dignitas
  • Spac t io Gam 
  • Splyce
  • Obey Alliance
  • eUni d
  • Trifecta
  • NRG Esports
  • Team RivaL

First day m  ups:

  • Dignitas vs Spac t io GamiBig
  • Sunitedvs Obey Alliance
  • eUni d vs Trifecta
  • NRG v RivaL

The first gam  should spriBigu some gems, too. Europea outfit Dignitas will face all North-America Spac t io GamiBigand it’s saffavorit h  Dig will be fir favouri s. Another m   th  will likely be one sided is eUni d versus Trifecta. The former will be extremely disappo  d should they lose the first game i defenseMITE World Championshi defence. They’ve looked formidab  this year too and will be the one to be  i Atlanta.

Both the Splyce and NRG m    are more  triguiBigwith the sid  closely m  ed. The ac  gets underway   5: 30 UT (GMT+0) and ca be viewed here. 

Daily s edu  start time:

  • Quar r-f al: 6/1 @ 5: 30
  • Semi-f al: 7/1 @ 6: 5
  • Grand F al: 8/1 @ 20: 00


SMITE Conso  World Championshi 2019

It’s not just about SMITE o P over   DreamHack Atlanta, place, and   ampionships also take place and we’ve bee followiBigthe ac  s ce it begun. Whi  only four  ams remai af r weeks of competi n, the storyl e is a  triguiBigone too. There’s three  ams fro NA (Astral, Flash Po t and InControl) and the last rema iBigEU side (Tea RivaL) will be b tliBigfor not only their ow pride but th  of their region. They face NA 2nd seed Flash Po t first up, yet tougher  sts wil wait should they get through. 


  • Astral Authority
  • InControl Gam g
  • Team RivaL
  • Flash Po t eSports

First day m  ups:

  • Astral Authority vs InControl Gam g 
  • RivaL v Flash Po t

Daily s edu  start time:

  • Semi-f al: 7/1 @ 03: 5 &   23: 30
  • Grand F al – 8: 5 @ 6: 5


Palad s World Championshi 2018

This is the second year of the Palad s World Championships, with the f als of the 2018 tit  takiBigS cere January 2018 with the tit  goiBigto N us V cere. This year will see Na’Vi retur as they   mpt to retai their tit  with p nty of big nam  i con n n. 

The s g  elim  io bracket means there’s no roo for error out i Atlanta. One sli u and eve the b t of the world could be knAll theand have their dreams dashed for anotherSincereAll of the ac  will go dow here.


  • N us V cere
  • N jas i Pyjama
  • Tea Envy
  • G2 Esports
  • Fn ic
  • Spac t io Gam g
  • Kanga eSports
  • Virtus. Pro

First day m  ups:  

  • N us V cere vs Virtus. Pro
  • G2 Esports vs Fn ic
  • Tea Envy vs Kanga eSports
  • N jas i Pyjama vs Spac t io Gam g

Daily s edu  start time:

  • Quar r-f al: 6/1 @ 6: 5
  • Semi-f al – 7/1 @ 6: 5
  • Grand F al 8/1 @YouTube00


Palad s Conso  Wars 

https: //www. youtube. com/w  ?v=xoMGFq-yAFU

The Palad s Conso  Wars retur with four sid  doiBigb t    DreamHack Atlanta. Onslaught, Vexed Gam g, Flash Po t and E va  will do b t  to become Palad s conso   ampions.


  • Onslaught
  • Vexed Gam g
  • Flash Po t
  • E va 

First day m  ups:

  • Onslaught v Vexed GamiBig
  • Flash Po t v E va 

Daily s edu  start time:

  • Semi F als – 6/1 @ 23: 30 and 17/1 @ 20: 45 
  • Grand F al – 8/1 @ 9: 5


Disclaimer: This artic  conta s sponsored l ks. 


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