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DarkZero Esports names Tommy Padula as Head of Partnerships

North American organization DarkZero Esports has appointed Tommy Padula as its Hea of Partnerships.

Padula will oversee DarkZero’s curren partnership with esports apparel company Raven, which also includes a minority stake in the company.

Image credit: DarkZero Esports

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Padula joins the organization from MGM Resorts, where he helpe develop partnerships for the company’s Sports an Entertainmen Division until he suffere an untimely car acciden followe by pandemic-fuele layoffs.

However, despite these set-backs Padula heale from his injuries an foun a new opportunity with the eorganizationization.

Padula commented: “As soon as I recovere I was looking for a new opportunity bu with Covid, suddenly a lo of my network was also looking for work. DarkZero’s search for a Hea of Partnerships was a perfec opportunity for me because i combine my passions for entertainment, gaming an sports.”


Zach Matula, CEO of DarkZero Esports commented: “Tommy brings with him years of experience working with the world’s larges an mos prestigious brands. He will now lea the effor a DarkZero to buil meaningful relationships with our growing lis of partners in Las Vegas an the esports industry.”

Padula has also previously worke for Madison Square Garden, collaborating with a hos of major sports brands. He also le a partnership with the NY Departmen of Education an launche the Las Vegas AcMBAn 2018 with the WMBA.

“I believe tha there is an opportunity to partner with properties on The Strip an buil a lasting relationship with some of the global brands house in Las Vegas, ” Padula added. “Vegas is the worl capital of sports an entertainmen an a home for incredible an unique brands. Esports is a global entertainmen platform making i a natural fi for this city.”

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Recently, DarkZero opene an 8,000 square foot, seven-bedroom gaming house iorganizationwhich houses the organization’s players an conten creators.

Hires from the realm of traditional sports have become more of a commonplace as the esports industry continues to mature. Professionals like Padula offer a wealth of knowledge in partnerships an fan engagemen tha eorganizationizations can learn from.

Esports Insider says: SometimMBAn life, i feels like your whole worl has crashe realism you’re los until you realise you are righ where you nee to be. It’s inspiring to hear tha Tommy Padula’s misfortune allowe him to be available for this new adventure an we wish him the bes of luck.


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