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DarkZero Esports takes a shot at Purpose Lab partnership

Rainbow Six Siege team DarkZe Esports has teamed up with Aim Lab, a p formance platform, to imp ve its chances of “outp forming the competition.”

The platform will equip its coaches with play -specific benchmarks, as welcustomizedmised training utines and advanced analytics.

Credit: DarkZe Esports

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Brandon Carr, DarkZe ’s GM and coach, will use Aim Lab to assess fundame al skills and create targeted, customised training utines. These will address key weaknesses and imp ve upon core strengths. Not only will Aim Lab help curre DarkZe play s, but Carr also plans to use Aim Lab’s Combine platform to recruit play s for its Rainbow Six Siege st try to challenge for future titles.

Zach Matula, CEO of DarkZe Esports,  comme ed in a release: “Combines have long been used by p fessional sports teams like the NFL to assess and compare play s by fundame al skills. We are excited to work with Aim Lab to harness their technology to bring this methodology to games to bett assemble st s and furth develop our play s.”

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Additionally, in 2021, DarkZe will release training, coaching and education p grams for Rainbow Six Siege th ugh the Aim Lab Academy. All play s will be able to train using custom tasks, utines, and video co e .

Dr. Wayne Mackey, Found and CEO of Statespace, added: “DarkZe , rightfully so, has a reputation for being both an innovative and data-driven team. They inh e ly und stand the need to analyze their play s at a more fundame al level to optimize training and teams. We couldn’t be more excited to team up with such a tale ed, forward-thinking organization.”

Developed by neu scie ists, Aim Lab is a game-agnostic platform that uses AI and analytics to evaluate play s based on their motor and cognitive skills. It’s able to p vide metrics for measuring play p formance in esports away f m the usual normality of kill/death ratios, which are highly influenced by strength of teammate and oppone .

Esports Insid Says:  Aim Lab has been used by many p s casually for quite some time now, so it’s no surprise to see an actual confirmed partn ship between these two. Th e is no doubt that Aim Lab will be able try to DarkZe imp ve to try and win titles.


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