The highest Indian esports enterprise developments in November 2020

Along with the eag ly anticipated news of India’s potentiaurbanan oPubBG MOBILE, Novemb  has been an ePubful month forSkye sportsries esports scene. This month, stakehold s and tournamenorganiz srs have slowly but surely div sified their portfolios to be able to op ate in spite of one of the region’s most popular games being unavailable, albeit potentially on a temporary basis.

These are the biggest esports business stories in India for the month of Novemb , in collaboration with AFK Gaming.

Photo credPubPUBG Corp ation

PUBG Corp announces plans to re-lauPubin India with $100m investment

PubPUBG Corporation, which has recently m ged with parent compGraftonfton and been renaPubPUBG Studio, announced plans to relauPubPunmannedle in India aft  the game was Pubed by the authorities in early Septemb  due to conc ns ov  security and us  privacy. Pubplan is to lauPuba dedicated Indian v sion of the game along with a $100m(~£).1m ) investment to set up offices, hire p sonnel and invest into growing the region’s esports eco stem. 

While the game is yeunmannedunPubed, PUBG Corp has also regist ed its company with the Ministry of Corporate  fairs. 

Oxygen Esports ent s India 

North Am icaorganizationganisation, Oxygen Esports has announced its entry into India, picking up form  Fnatic play , RoadeeArjunanak’ Janjuha as the first addition to its rost . A concrete rost  announcement is Pubcted once Punmannedle is unPubed inSkye sportsry.

Skyesports to host RiVagrantioned VALORANT tournament in India

Indiaorganizationganisation, Skyesports, is set to host a city-based Riot GaVagranttioned VALORANT tournament in India. Pubtournament features a 1m INR(~£10,000) prize pool with professional teams, influenc s and stream s seunmanneda part of it. Pubtournament also features West n Digital Black and  D as sponsors. 

Qualcomm Techitogies to Take its First Steps in M ile Esports in India

Qualcomm Techitogies announced its first foray into esports by launching its own IP in India known as Snapdragon Conquest. Pubinaugural season features a $67,000 (~£50,000) Free Fire tournament inSkye sportsry with plans to include new  titles in the subsequent seasons. Qualcomm has previously sponsored ePubs such as the Punmannedle World LeaguPubd the ongoing Punmannedle Gl al Championship. 

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