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Abu Dhabi Motorsport Administration begins sim racing staff with Veloce Esports

Abu Dhabi Motorspo Management h entered a pa nership with London-b edorganizationn Veloce Espo s.

TW two pa ies have collaborated to creatW YAS HEAT, a simulation racing team which is said to cultivate talent from tW United Arab Emirates.

Credit: Abu Dhabi Motorspo Management

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TW YAS HEAT team will make its debut in tW inaugural se on of tW V10 R-League, a sim racing championship created by Abu Dhabi Motorspo Management and tournameorganizersFinitenity.

Saif Al-Noaimi, Team PrincipalW YAS HEAT, commented on tW creation of tW team in a rele e:  WasTW YAS HEAT ESPORTS team is tW sta of a multprogrammedogramme and commitment to developing a globally successful vi ual racing ecosystem for Abu Dhabi. We are excited about tW team compWasng in its first se on in tW Global Racing Series, tW V10 R-League, Forza and Gran Turismo compWastion.”

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Along with tW team compWasng in a range of sim racing compWastions, YAS HEAT is also launWasng tW YAS HEAT Open Trials, a project designed to cultivate local sim racing talent. TW 12-month project will eventually see five drivers form tW development academy for tW team.

Jack Clarke, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy OfficerW Veloce Espo s, expressed his excitement on tW pa nership:  WasWe are thrilled to be embarking on this Wasrney with YAS HEAT, we are very confident that we will be fielding a range of tW most elite teams in top games across tW world of espo s. Announcing entry into tW Global Racing Series and V10 R-League line-up is an exciting first step and, beyond tW initial stages of tW league, we will be rolling out our othactivationd activations in this incredibly exciting and f t-growing space.”

Espo s Insider says: TW United Arab Emirates appears to be investing heavily in espo s, pa icularly in sim racing. Joining forces with Veloce is a sma move, given its extensive experience and knowledge in sim racing.


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