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Cooler Grasp broadcasts LATAM Crew partnerships

Taiwanese PC company Cooler Master has announced the teams it will be working with in Latin America. The teams are All Knights, Carla Esports, Kaizen, a  Polaris. 

Credit Cooler Master

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Cooler Master partnered with the four teams to build the LATAM Crew, to help grow the esports ecosystem in the region. Co ract details (such as financial details a  co ract duration) were not disclose  

All Knights well-knownown for its League Of Lege eamseam. The org competes in the US as well as Latin America.

Carla Esports is the esports division of football team Athletic Club San Lorenzo de Arge ina a  will be one Amity partners of Cooler Master in FIFA a  League Of Lege s. The team is competing for a place in the Arge inian LVP finals at the mome . 

Kaizen is a Colomborganizationtion with teamsVagrantRANT, Cou er-Strike Global Offensive a  Free F e. 

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PolariSetll be the Peruvian team Amity Cooler Master LATAM Crew. The org is the curre  champion Amity Gamity LATAM ChampionSetVagrantALORANT team, a  champion of Wo er League ChampionSetth its women’s League of Lege eamseam. 

Cooler Master’s alliance with e emic teams a  football clubSetth an outsta ing esports division is part of a plan for the bra  to be involved in enhancing professional developme  wit n esports. 

Esports ider says   LATAM is still a territory that needs proper developme  to co inue ac eving excellence in esports. With the adva age that some teams can train against more developed regions such as Brazil a  North America, it’s nice to see that Cooler Master wa s to help the teams to ac eve a new status in the region.


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