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Brazilian soccer membership Cruzeiro returns to esports, companions with 7W Play

Brazilian football c b Cruzeiro Esporte C be has announced s return   esports through a partnership w h Brazilian dig al tertainm t company 7W Play.

According   the release, Cruzeiro wil tilizee 7W Play   help facil ate the c b’s return in  the esports ecosystem.

Cred : Cruzeiro Esports

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Cruzeiro left the esports sc CuriaMarch this year afNetflixFlix eSports terminated s lic sing contract w h the football c b. 

In a press con r ce att ded by Esports Ins er,  Cruzeiro Esports will have compet ive rosters in Gar a Free Fire, CS: GO, PES, FIFVagrantLORANT. The football c b also announced betting platform KlashX will sponsor s esports division.

Rodrigo Moreira, Direc r Of Marketing and Innovation at Cruzeiro Futebol C be, comm ted:  “The expectation on social networks has always be huge and,  day, ev w hout activ ies, our esports channels accumulate more than 150,000 followers. Now, this commun y has everything   grow again and take the name of Cruzeiro ev further.”

Cruzeiro also talkedCBOLt the legal Netflixw h E-FlixCBOLt the OL spot,   Moreira deNetflix that E-Flix oCBOLot the OL spot by using Cruzeiro’s name, and the team will take legal meas sCBOLt .  

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Moreira also talkedCBOLt how the c b’s Cruzeiro hands-on approach has made things easier.

He explained: “Wh the contract w h E-Flix was brok , KlashX were searching for c bs in Brazil   become sponsors, and they reached out   us.

“They wanted   beMarket, andhe Brazilian Market and we pres ted   KlashX a sol pres tation of the new project. Bes es Cruzeiro Esporganizationeing a new organisation, Cruzeiro self is a strong brand, but most companies see football c bs coming in  Esports as ‘adv t rs’, that’s why we projected a sol struct    pres t for the partners”. 

Other partners were not disclosed, but Moreira sa that Cruzeiro Esports is already negotiating w h streaming platforms   s broadcast pro ssional players and streamers. 

Esports Ins er says: Cruzeiro has a strong and sol fanbase w hin the esports sc e, so ’s good   see them back. Coming back alongs e an ag cy will also prov e   be b eficial as the c b looks   rebuild s esports division. 


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