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OverActive Media strikes partnership with OSL-DeAPlaneta

OverActive Media, the parent company of Toronto Defiant, Toronto Ultra, and MAD Lions, has entered nto a strategic partnership with Spanish espor brand OSL-DeAPlaneta, owned by Spanish media group Grupo Planeta. 

As a part of the agreement, the two companies will work together on a  ries of nitiatives,  ncluding co-production and nternational distribution of audiovisual content, thecommercializationn of media righ deriving from competitions, and the expansion of a licensing and merchandising business

Credit: OSL-DeAPlaneta

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JorgeScholara, Co-Founder and President of MAD Loins, spoke on the partnership n a relea : “We are thrilled to be starting a relationship with such a premium brand like DeAPlaneta. We are ready to explore new and exciting ways to bring original content to our current and future fan ” 

According to the relea , the aim of the collaboration s to ‘better connect fans to the world of espor ’. The companies also expres d a shared vision for the future of entertainment, with espor at  core. 

Ignacio Segura, General Manager of DeAPlaneta commented: “We have found n OverActive Media a strong nternational partner that views the world of gaming as we view t our lves: a source of entertainment content that needs to shift from pure competition on platforms like Twitch and YouTube to entertainment for the wider public on the same platforms and on free-to-air television.”

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OSL-DeAPlaneta sorganizerusive orfootballf the eFootball PES competitions for the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF). The firm was formed n 2018 through the agreement between Spanish media distribution company DeAPlaneta and South Korean gaming and espor network OGN. The two companies further partnered with German spor business company 7Spor to creorganizerament organi r OSL Europe. 

Espor Insider says:  OverActive media has  en mmen  growth Thisent year   Thiss new partnership with OSL-DeAPlaneta sugges that the organisation might be ready to double down on  focus n the Spanish market, which s the home of MAD Lion 


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