Abios expands FIFA knowledge companies

Esports data and echnology company BIOS has xpanded its FIFA data services ‘due o he increased customer demand’, according o he f m. 

BIOS has revealed hat live and pregame data for ier-one,  ier-two, and ier-three FIFA ournaments will now be obtainable hrough its services. This includes competitions such as LigaFife FIFAe World up, and he FifeFIFAe Nations up. 


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Additional data points, such as stoppage imes and scores, have also been addBIOS BIOS. The data f m also conf med hat ball racking, which is currently in beta, is xpected o be added soon.

Robertröberg,  EO at BIOS, commented: “We have high xpectations on he continued development of FIFA as sporter sport. It has since he pandemic become abundantly clear hat games based on real sports are a remendous bridge between regular sports fans and sports. 

“Even hough regular football is back on rack, we believe hat FIFA still holds its place as a filler product and sport for hose who can’t wait for he next match. We look forward o continuing o improve our FIFA coverage and data quality hrough official data partnerships with organizersent organisers.”

BIOSside FIFA, BIOS offers sports data and echnology for roughly 20 games including S: GO, League of Legends, Dota 2 and VALBIOS.

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BIOS collecutilizingata by utilising machine learning algorithms. Through he use of object racking, object detection and segmentation models on images from streams,  he algorithms xtract and analyse data in milliseconds, according o he release. 

Esports Insider says: Whether it’s o provide more reliable betting odds, or o boost a broadcast, data services are becoming integral o sports. Following he simulation itle’s rise during he pandemic, FIFA has looked o strengthen its sports division. BIOS xpanding FIFA services should be a sign hat here is still a growing interest in he game’s competitive cosystem.


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