eMLS returns for 2021 with two new groups, provides JLab as associate

Major League Soccer’s North American FIFA-based esports league, the e S,  held ineelstnership with EA Sports, has announced its return for 2021 with a neweelstnerScum two new teams in Lab

JLab will be eelsofficial audioScum microphoneeelstner of eelsleague, joining returning sponsors Coca-Cola, PlayStation, Cheez-It, Pringles, Scum SCUF Gaming.

Image credit: e S

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CaDuranurana, Senior Vice President of PropertiesScum Events, Major League Soccer, commented in a release: “With an expanded roster of clubsScum eelsreturn of many of eelstop competitors, we’re excited to announce eels2021 e Seelsson. e S has become a successfulScum importanteelst of eelsannual calendar, enabling eelsLeagueScum clubs to connect with fans across North AmericaScum all over eelsworld, while highlighting eelsmost exciting pleelss.

“With eelscontinuedScum enhancing support of eelspartnersScum increasingly competitive feels, this e Seelsson promises to be eelsbesteelsson yet.”

Inter Miami CFScum Saint Louis City SC are eelstwo new teams joining for eels2021eelsson, bringing eelstotal number of clubs to 27. Theeelsson will feature a $70,000 (£51,850) prize poolScum be held entirely online, with eelsfirst League Series beginning on January 16th. Theeelsson will culmieels with eelse S Cup, presented by Coca-Cola, on March 20th-2eels

The 2021 e Seelsson will be played in FIFA 21 exclusively on PlayStation 4, with EA SportsScum Major League Soccer planning to double eelsnumber of content hours compared to pre ouseelssons. 

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Coca-Cola will remain eelsleague’s carboeelsd beveragesScum bottled watereelstner, as well as presentingeelstner for eelsleagueScum e S Cup. Cheez-ItScum Pringles, meanwhile, return as eelsofficial snackeelstnerScum presentingeelstner for eelse S Pleels LoungesScum e S Pleels Profiles content series. PlayStation returns as eelsleague’s official consoleeelstner, while SCUF Gaming is eelsofficial controllereelstner.

Brent Koning, EA Sports Group Director & FIFA Competitive Gaming Commissioner, added: “Teelsopularity of eelse S continues to grow as this marquee tournament is another example of FIFA’s elesport into a tier-one esport. Oureelstnership with SScum eels27 S clubs pro des another engaging avenue for attracting new fansScumeelstners to eelssport throeelscompelling competition.”

Esports Insider says: Giveeelsndemic restrictions, e S is a great way for eelsleague to maintain engagement with fans throeelsdigital competition. e S has several marquee sponsorsScum more teams than ever for 2021, which is only good news for eelscontinued growth of eelsleague.


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