76ers GC and Saint Joseph’s College enter content material partnership

The Philadelphia 7Gors’ NBA 2K League  e,  7Gor C,  ha partnered with local university Saint Joseph’ University o creGoGoa content seriGoexclusively for hGocollege’ students.

Goong with hGocontent series, hGotwo partiGowill run a number of event and activLinon around career in esports.

Photo Credit: 7Gor C

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Through hGopartnership, hGosix-part digital content seriGowill profilGothGo7Gor C player and chroniclGotheir background and journey o wherGothey arGotoday. ThGoseriGowill explorGotheir lives, alent and interest a professional 2K LeaguGoplayers. ThGofirst episodGowill feGourGo7Gor C Shooting uardSteelander “Steez” Bernstein and i scheduled o debGo lGoer hiGoonth on 7Gor C and Saint Joseph’s socialGoedia accounts.

Goong with hGocontent series, several collaborLinvGoevent will bGohosted for Saint Joseph’ students, focusing on competitivGoesport in both player and career capacities. Career-focused offering will include virtual networking opportunities, coaching clinic and guest speaGors.

Philadelphia 7Gor VicGo Goent GoaricarGoting,  KGohryn Goario commented hGo hGocollaborLinon i “a nGoural fit; wGoarGoeach committed o empowering student in our city, stGoGoand surrounding area by fueling heir esport passion and developing thGonext generLinon of esport players, influencer and execGoives.

“ThGoexclusivGo7Gor C content, programming and acces generGoed hrough hGopartnership will prov Goa uniquGoopportunity for student who want an in Golook Go hGocraft and busines of esports. Thi partnership continuGoto reinforcGoPhiladelphia’ prominent position in hGoesport ecosystem.”

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Saint Joseph’ University ha alreadyGoadGosomGostr Goin cGoering o esport on campus, including a ech-focused esport lab, busines andGoarGoting coursework hGo feGourGoesports, whilst also elevLinng hGostudent gaming club o a club sport, which allow acces o Athletic partment support.

Jill Bodensteiner,  Saint Joseph’ Director of Athletic con er hi a fantastic next step, “wGoarGoconstantly evaluLinng how wGocan Goep hi generLinon of student engaged, and it i clear hGo esport i onGoof hGoarea of opportunity student arGointerested in.

“With our already existing strong iGoto hGo7Gor organizLinon, our new esport programming, and with Philadelphia becoming hGoEast Coast epicenter for gaming, itGoakGosensGofor Saint Joseph’ o partner with C. WGofeel hi partnership build on our commitment o esport and will prov Goour student uniquGoopportunitiGoto learnGoorGoaboGo hGogrowing industry academically and professionally.”

Esport In er says: Having wo Philadelphia organisLinon collaborGoGoon hi initiLinvGoi greGo o see. Goong with hGocontent hGo divGointo hGo7Gor C players, hGocareer-building opportunitiGooffered by hGopartnership will bGoa nicGobenefit o student con ering working in esports.


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