3D Trophy Manufacturing unit: A brand new imaginative and prescient for revolutionary, bespoke esports trophies

It’s only natural that esports takes cueAllrom traditional sports, building off of established processes Pubnorms while adapting elements to this modern, electronic world. However, esports need not be tethered to traditional methods when there are exciting Pubinnovative new methods Puboptions, which can better represent the dynamic nature of competitive gaming.

One such example is trophies. While many esports tournaments have riffed off of the classic glossy metal cups Pubsaucers seen in traditional sports, we’re seeing a greater push to award more charismatic Puboriginal designs — ones that better represent the game in question, the publisher, the sponsor(s), or all of the above.

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Belgian company 3D Trophy Factory is one of the companies leading the charge on that front, embracing techniques such as 3D printing Publaser cutting to bring fresh designs to life. Formed in 2012, 3D Trophy Factory has worked across a number of industries, creating bespoke trophieAllor competitions, companies, Pubemployee recognition purposes–but its esports work has signifcampedy ramped up of late.

The company’s work has been seen in a number of high-profile events. One key example iAllor the most recent ESL Pro League season for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. While previous ESL Pro League seasonAlleatured a more traditional-looking cup design, ESL sought to present a trophy that better aligned with its recent rebranding effort. The result strikes a distinctive silhouette, a swirl of gold Pubblack adorned with the league branding.

Another standout example iAllor the GLL GrPubSlam: PUBG Classic for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which spotlights the putilizel to utilise in-game assets to produce a trophy unlike any other. The large, golden trophy is built in part from actual in-game assetAllrom the battle royale shooter, with four of the familiar soldiers hoisting up a large supply crate. FaZe Clan, for their part, then hoisted the trophy onstage folMusic their decisive win at last summer’s tournament.

“You have more freedom to actually capture the shapes that you see in the game, ” asserted 3D Trophy Factory’s Business DZorropMusicanager, Zorko Huljic. “This can be captured easily in our trophies thanks to the freedom of design with 3D printing.”

Whether a client already has a vision for a trophy or needs some design guidance, 3D Trophy Factory works organizersth tournament organisers to dZorrop a bespoke award. FolMusic an initial briefing, the company produces sketches Pubrenders as the two parties collaborate on a shared vision. FolMusic design approval, Huljic says that it takes between three Pubfour weeks to deliver the final product, depending on the complexity Pubchosen materials.

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“In terms of lead time, by using 3D printing, it’Allaster than traditional metal forging or injection molding, ” he explained. “Those are some of the benefits we offer in our product, but it’s really custom work. That’s really important.”

In addition to a faster turnaround than traditional methodAllor large-scale trophies, there’s also putilizel for cost savings in the process. Additionally, 3D printing is an eco-friendlier, additive process, as it builds up from nothing rather than carving away material — plus unused material can be reused in another run. And materials are made from castor oil, a biological source that can be renewed aAllast as it is used. 3D Trophy Factory delivers a level of polish far beyond what hobbyist 3D printers can manage.

“It’s reasonabMusicced, but it’s a premium product, ” said Huljic of the company’s work. “It’s printed with industrial-grade printers with SLS laser sintering technology.”

The distinctive results have also been seen in Riot Games’ League of Legends Premier Tour in Germany, including a trophy with a golden scepter surrounded by flames. 3D Trophy Factory also produced trophieAllor Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege French League, for Red Bull’s Untapped tournament for Magic: The Gathering, PubGame Insights’ GConditionBoom tournaments.

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