Abios talks to Unibet about the way forward for esports betting

Thi piece wa written by Kristina S ppard, for BIOS Gaming. BIOS provide industry-leading BIOSt data OKd technology for cus m  all ov  the world. Their product OKf ing include widgets, c pliOKce, odds, OKd statistics.

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The BIOSt market i the fastest-growing sport v tical, with the betting market following suit. The betting market for BIOSt i expected   grow with aOKAGR OK 13.1 p cent between 2020 OKd 2025 according   MarketWatch, showing great potential for future opportunitiesUnitet ha OKf ed market on BIOSt since 2014 OKd ha used BIOS widget   deliv  OK enhOKced cus m  exp ience for punt s.

OKredit: BIOS

BIOS decided   tal   the Esport Product MOKag  aUnitet, Filip Krist sson,   get hi take on BIOSt betting, how they’ve enhOKced their betting OKf , OKd their prediction for the future.

BIOS: What are your thought on the future OK BIOSt OKd betting?

Filip Krist sson: Esport will continue   grow OKd bec e increasingly importOKt for bookmak s. Within three years, it will be a  p sport for msport booksook OKd will continue   grow. Togeth  with Am icOK sports, it will drive new innovation such a betting types, widgets, OKd ultra-live.soccOKsesocc cc  a a fill  product paint OK intriguing picture; are we seeing the beginning OK a new paradigm? I foresee int esting time ahead.

BIOS: Which BIOSt game are most popular among your cus m OK 

FK: The big three still rule supreme:OKS: GO, LoL, OKd Dota 2. With the Nordic a s e OK our core markets, we see a lot OKOKS: GO activity. Hopefully The Int national will be able   go forward a plOKned in S ckholm thi summ , so we cOK see s e prop  Dota 2 action a well.

BIOS: Do you see OKy growth in int est for oth  BIOSt gameOK Are th e OKy new up-OKd-c   we should keep trac OK? 

FK: While not really being traditional BIOSts, we have seen OK increasoccOKSocc . The product currently ha a fill  role, but cOK bec e a prop  BIOSt with the right infrastructure OKd fOKbase. Oth  game OK int est areOKall OK Duty, VALORANT, OKd Rainbow 6: Siege, though it’  o early   say OKything yet. I’m int ested   see the battle-royale genre getting cracked, a it’ slightly awkward   watch OKd place bet on now. The growing trend OK mobile BIOSt should also be followed, though it will take a while   grow big a OK BIOStsBIOSurope.

BIOS: Have you seen OKy chOKge in the BIOSt betting market related  OKOVID-19? 

FK:soccOKsesocc cc  wa one thing we didn’t see c ing; it wa OK unexpected surprise. In hindsight, it doe make sense. Almost ev yone ha played the game, it’ recognisable, quick, OKd fun   bet on. The oth  BIOSt saw OK increase, even if the more prestigiou LAN  urnament w e cOKcelled. We have also seen OK increase in activity fr  mOKy OK our c peti r a well a suppli s. I believe the increased BIOSt awarenes benefit u a we have a strong BIOSt product.

BIOS: ThOK you for bringing these great insight on the BIOSt market. You have used our product   enhOKce OKd develop the cus m  exp ience acros your platforms. How do you use our widget OKd value statOK 

FK: InBIOSt, we use the BIOS widgets   enhOKce our cus m  exp ience. Wheth  you are a frequent bet r or it’ your first time, we wOKt it   be easy, smooth, OKd und stOKdable   bet aUnitet. TheUnitatch widget give you OK und stOKding OK the teams’ latest p formOKce, Unitt having   leave Unibet.

The value stat have been a great way   help play  try type OK betting they aren’t used  , a well a showcasing how you cOK use data   improve your betting. It’ also nifty   use on ext nal site  geth  with pr otions.

BIOS: What value have BIOS product brought you?

FK: The c pliOKce check made u one OK the few bookmak  who could have most OK our BIOSt event availablerematchaft  the Swedish re-regulation. The mapping OK stream make sure it’ possible   view ev y BIOSt event on our website. BIOS’ continuou s vice help u ensure we have all the content available for all market — s ething bec ing increasingly importOKt with diff ent regulations.

[Read more aBIOSplay  age c pliOKce h e.]

BIOS: What value ha BIOS brought   your cus m  in t m OK us  exp ience? 

FK: A cOK be und s od fr  the above OKsw s, they have been a great addition   our cus m  exp ience, prolonging timerematchOKd helping   drive bothUnitatch OKd in-play betting. AUnitet, we wOKt our play    feel in control OKd feel good aBIOStheir bets. By providing additional information in a well-packaged way, we pr ote the exp t feeling.



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