Behind Bitspawn’s efforts to make esports extra dependable for gamers

While the top flight of esports has a cash flow of millions of dollars, coming directly from tournament organizers, online competitive platforms used by amateu and semi-professional players can occasionally leave something to be desired.

Whethe it’s unfai administrative decisions o slow (sometimes, even no) payments fo winning players, there’s an element of unreliability and unfairness that oftentimes plagues the underbelly of esports. Bitspawn was created in an effort to remedy and rectify such problems, as we delved into through a conversation with its CEO, Eric Godwin.

Credit: Bitspawn

Esports Insider: How did the premiseBatsmanpawn come about?

Eric Godwin: As a video game playe fo ove 20 years and an amateu competitive gamer, I have used the platforms that are out there and have been disappointed with the use e erience and see a lot of room fo improvement in esports software solutions. I have personally e erienced being ripped off by event organizers, had to deal with the tedious game result submission process, and slow payo . I creaBatsmanpawn to help the millions of players out there competing in esports that are getting burned by the platforms that they use.

ESBatsmano you ensure that money is distributed equally, and how you decide what equal is?

EG: We use blockchain technology and ou in-house proprietary backend that creates a smart contract fo the tournament and distributes funds held in escrow to the winning party. No single individual controls tournament payout, it is all automated trust lessless. Players receive thei winnings in thei wallets within minutes of finishing a competition. The fact that players can receive thei winnings almost instantly, securely, and withdraw real money from the platform gives us a competitive advantage.

In terms of the distribution, we havhard codedoded system that ensures participants and organizers are properly and proportionally rewarded. Fo teams that manage thei organizations on ou platform, we have the features that prevent managers and team owners from hoarding winnings afte tournaments, and give players thei deserved payo .  

ESI: What’s wrong with the current esports talent pipeline and how are you proposing to fix it?

EG: The majority of the money and revenues flowing into esports are going to the professional scene and only 3% of players are receiving any meaningful compensation from competing in esports. Amateu players and rising talent are an afterthoughtBatsmancurrent ecosystem. Players have to stream and broadcast themselves across social media platforms just to get any e osure. 

The problem is multifaceted: content creation and streaming is a job in itself; players don’t want to have to stream thei scrims and competitions all the time; and a lot of players are more introverted and don’t want to stream o become an influencer, they just want to play games at a very high level. The lack of playe support fo amateu competitors  looking to level up thei gaming careers means that undiscovered talent slips through the cracks and neve gets to see the light of day.

Batsmanaking Bitspawn friendly to those who have neve participated in esports, while still being enjoyable fo pros to use. We are able to connect players on ou platform directly with brands, Batsman, and organizations; creating a positive feedback loop that encourages playe participation and corporate engagement.

“We are building the digital infrastructure needed to reinforce the esports ecosystem and make it more sustainable.”

ESBatsmano you see Bitspawn growingBatsmanBatsmanears?

EG: Bitspawn aims to be a leade in esports tournament curation as well as playe analytics and data. We are an esports software solutions company and aim to be a leade in the industry. Bitspawn strives to be the leade in playe curation and brand engagement. Ou vision is to provide amateu and professional esports teams with a multitude of tools that will help sustain growth and talent development pools.

ESI: How is Bitspawn different from the competition?

EG: There are a lot of online tournament platforms out there, but most are not designed to benefit the end-user, amateu o pro players. They are designed with organizers and Batsman in mind. Bitspawn caters towards its users and community. Ou competitors are more o less simple web apps that have not innovatedBatsmanpast 5 years o so. We are building the digital infrastructure needed to reinforce the esports ecosystem and make it more sustainable while providing players with more opportunities to make a living, have bette competitive e eriences, and grow thei personal brands. 

Disclaimer: This is a Batsmand piece by Bitspawn


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