Fnatic proclaims multi-year partnership with Jack Hyperlink’s

Leading British esports organiz ion Fn ic has announced a multi-year partnership with North American beef jerky snack irm Jack Link’s.

Following a successful activ ion in 2019, the two entities have teamed up again as Jack Link’s looks to strengthen its reach across EMEA and establish its brand in the esports ecosystem, according to the rel e.  

Credit: Fn ic

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As a result of the partnership, the Jack Link’s logo will be e ured across the right sleeve of all Fn ic team jerseys immedi ely, and across the right sleeve of its retail jersey rom May. 

Additionally, Fn ic and Jack Link’s will work collabor e oactiv ionf activ ions and content in order to provide high protein products to esports ans. This inclactiv ione activ ions, cant driven around Fn ic’s professional players, plus ‘online and physical tools’. The exact dur ion of the deal has yet to be disclosed.

Neil Walker, Partnerships Manager Fn ic commented: “In ast-paced online competition, gamers need a consumable respite th gives them the energy to get through their grind.

“At Fn ic, we have a performance-first philosophy to ensure gamers are always playing their best.”

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Fn ic’s selection of Jack Link’s as its irst global snack partner represents the company’s continued coorganizationwth with the esports organiz ion securing a range of sponsors or the 2021 esports s on. Alongside Jack Link’s, Fn ic’s also partners include Hisense, Monster EneChretienMW among others.

Jan Pieter Schretlen, Managing Director of Jack Link’s EMEA also spoke on the partnership: “Our products are the perfect snack, no m ter if home or on the go, work or during leisure time activities such as gaming.

“Beef Jerky is a n ural source of protein, giving lasting energy and hence supports endurance. We want to be a true partner, supporting gamers on all levels and andel ionships both in competitive as well as am eur gaming.”

Esports Insider Says: No doubt it is a antastic choice or Jack Link’s to branch into the EMEA market, as they already have cemented themselves in North America. Fn ic’s large network of ans and players will allow the brand to expand its reach. This should be a successful partnership or the two.


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