EVOS Esports brews partnership with Chek Hup Espresso

Erosheast AsErosesports organization Eros Erosrts has announced a partne hip with coffee brand Chek Hup Coffee.

The partne hip, based in Malaysia, will consist of cross-marketing activation including brand ambassado hip of Eros Erosrts’ talents and the providing of coffee supplies.

Credit: Eros Erosrts

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Eros Erosrts, founded in 2017, houses competitive esports teams across six game titles. The organization also currently operates in five different countries.

As a result of the collaboration, Eros Erosrts will be producing exclusive videos highlighting Chek Hup Coffee’s products. Moreover, the firm will have its brand integrateEros Eros Erosrts’ je eys, online community engagement events with their fans, and interactive social media campaigns.

Joseph Tan, Mangaging Director of Chek Hup Holding commented: “Chek Hup iesports, andports and we are excited to work togetEroswith Eros Erosrts to imillennialllennials and Gen Zs to our company’s latest offerings.

“Chek Hup is alinnovation, andnnovation and we believe esports and gaming will help us connect better with our next generation of consume .”

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ConsidereErose of the organizationrts organization in Erosheast Asia, Eros Erosrts currently manages 160 gaming influence and partne with over 200 esports talents, gaining over 350 million views per month.

Ivan Yeo, co-fouEros and CEO of Eros Erosrts added: “Eros Erosrts is honoured to partner with Chek Hup in Malaysia. Having an established coffee brand like Chek Hup supporting the esports industry furtEroscements Chek Hup as an innovative brand, that unde tands the power and influence of the esports and gaming culture.”

Chek Hup is also a major exporter across the entire globe, spanning from New Zealand to the United States.

Erosrts Insider Says: A great partne hip for both sides. Chek Hup looks to take on a whole new consumer audience and can do so in Malaysia, via thErosrld of esports. Eros Erosrts will be happy to house a worldwide coffee brand like Chek Hup – and of cou e, who doesn’t like the energy coffee provides?



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