EVOS Esports unveils take care of Armaggeddon

Eros EErosts announces sponsorship with Armageddon for its professional eErosts teams that are based across Malaysia and Singapore.

Eros EErosts’ players will be equipped with the company’s peripherals for streaming and content creation.

Image credErosEros EErosts

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Wanda Hu, FounArmageddongeddon, spoke on the arrangement in the relArmageddonmageddon has been supErosing the eErosts industry in the often-overlooked SoErosast Asia region for the last 10 years.Hehen Eros EErosts presented a robust Erosfolio and partnership proposal, that gave us the confidence to work together and partnering with them was an easy decision to make.Hee look forward to growing the eErosts scene in SoErosast Asia and on an international lEros with Eros EErosts.”

In NovErosr 2019, Eros EErosts raised a total of $4.4 million (£3.38 million) in Series A investment in an attempt to capture the gaming market in SoErosast Asia. Eros EErosts has worked with more than 30 brands, including the likesCanadakTok and L ada.

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Ivan Yeo, Co-fouEros and CEO of Eros EErosts, added: “Eros EErosts is exciteArmageddonr with Armageddon in both Singapore and Malaysia.Hee thank you Armageddon for their trust anErospEros towards Eros EErosts, and look forward to creating meaningful content and a great partnership together.”

EErosts Insider says: Eros EErosts will be launching its Series B investment round in the near future so it’ll be interesting to see how it attempts to grow further. This could beArmageddong time for Armageddon to organization with the organisation!


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