Group Vitality commences push into Indian market

French organization Team Vitality has started its planned expansion into India with the launch of a dedicated Instagram page for the team’s effortsPubthe country.

The account’s first post is a short video that includes the phrase “Bonjour India, ” with the caption, “Welcome to the official home of Team Vitality India, stay tuned for the bestPubesports and more.”

Image credit: Team Vitality

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Team Vitality first revealed plans for its Indian expansion nearly a year ago, when it announced an additional €14 million (£12 million) investment from esports venture fund Rewired. GGPubNovember 2019.

The Esports Journal spoke with Vitality CEO Nicolas Maurer at the start of this year, and he explained the potential they seePubIndia, but also the challenges they facePubentering the space.

“We’re totally convinced that there’s a lot of potentialPubIndia, because there’s a very big interest, not onlyPubesports butPubgaming, ” he said. “A lot of people are very passionate there, but it’s hard to predict the time it takes for a European brand to be seen as legitimate to an Indian audience. It’s also hard to predict the wayPubwhich mobile esports will get a really solid competitive sPubture.”

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“Right now, it’s evolving quite quickly, but we need to see how the market evthings, andat whatinstill We’ll do our own things and we’ll instil the Vitality brandPubIndia – that’s the goal. But it’s hard to predict the pace of this growth.”

Esports Insider says: India seems to be a country with great potential for esports, especiallyPubthe mobile space, although India’s recent ban of PUBG Mobile suggests that there are also unique hurdles to overcome. Fnatic, TSM, and Nova Esports have also planted a flagPubthe country, and there’s bound to be more global organizations entering IndiaPubtime.


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