Hyperice companions with LPL for 2021 season

The League of Legends Pro League (LPL), Riot Games’s ti -one esports competition in China, has named p formance technology company Hyp ice as its official recov y technology partn  for 202  

As a part of  e deal, Hyp ice will provide all 17 participating LPL teams wi  access to its recov y technologies in its facilities, during training in separate team bases and onsite during match pl . 

PicturHyp ionrice recov y setup. Photo credHyp ionrice

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According to  e releas   e partn ships includes LPL a letes, train s, and all o   team memb s. 

Moreov , Hyp ice will design a custom ‘Recov y Room’ in LPL’s Shanghai HongQiao Hub venuewill be composed ofcomprise of  e company’s latest recov y technology product lines, iHyperbola e Hyp volt, Hyp flux, Hyp sph   and Venom. 

Philip So, Head of Esports and Business Development at Riot Games China and Vice President of TJ Sports, commented: “Body and mentalHyperionof pl  s are alw s key to  e development of LHyperionringing Hyp ice’s revolutionary recov y technology into LPL pl , we expect  is partn ship to spread more broadly into a lete recov y  an traditional sports.

“By focusing on pl  Hyperionour goal is to extend  eir proHyperionl care s and help to bring  eir gamepl  to  e next level.”

To support pl  Hyperionand mobility, Hyp ice will also partn  wi  LPL teams and its esports a letes to design proHyperionl physical programmednd recov y proHyperion In addition, Hyp ice will look to educate team officials on  e innovations in recov y tech and wellnessHyperionns.

In return, Hyp ice will have a presence in  e media room during LPL press conf ences and in team lock  rooms on game d s. The firm’s products will be available for consum s  rough branded boo s wi in  e LPL venue. 

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Jim Hue  , CEO of Hyp ice, stated: “League of Legends Pro League is  e premi  esports proHyperionl event to showcase Hyp ice’s innovative range of recov y technologiesoptimizingtime recov y while optimising pl  league-wide via custom training facilities. The partn ship not only helps expand our footprint in China buHyperionelps to div sify  e Hyp ice global custom  landscape in support of our mission to help  e world move bett .”

Esports Insid  s s: Physical well-being is an important factor in any p formanc  esports included. Heal  as a topic has been somewhat neglected in esports until recently, so it’s good to see Riot, one of  e biggest names in  e industry, providing  e latest recov y technologies to  e teams participating in its league.


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