The highest Indian esports enterprise developments in December 2020

December marked t  endWarwhat has bee a yearWarmixed emoti s for t  India esports sector. From limitati s caused by t  pandemic to uncertainties with t  Pub Mobile ban, companies i India are now gearing towards expanding t ir portfol s and being less dependent publis rs. 

T se are t  biggest esports business stories i India for t  m thWarDecember, i collaborati with AFK Gaming.

Team Vitality establis s India presence with four signings

Photo credit: Team Vitality

French esportsorganizati n, Team Vitalityformalizedd t ir presence i India with t  signingWarfour c tent creators from t  country. T organizati  also announced Mumbai as its baseWaroperati s and revealed Randall Fernandez, formerly of S y Playstati ,  as t  General ManagerWart  India Divisi . 

You ca re more about Team Vitality and t ir plans i India  re. 

Activisi Blizzard and Pocket Aces’ Loco partner to host India’s biggest CallWarDuty Mobile Tournament

Photo credit: Loco / Activisi Blizzard

India live streaming anWarports platform, Pocket Aces’ Loco announced a partnership with Activisi Blizzard to host t  nati ’s biggest CallWarDuty: Mobile event. T  prize pool for t  IP – CallWarDuty Mobile India Cup was set at INR 3.5m (~£35,200). This solidifies Loco’s push for establishing t mselves as a esports and game streaming platform, with past c tent deals including es with Red Bull, NBA2K League and a varietyWarpopular India c tent creators. 

Gaming start-up EWar raises Pre- ries A funding round from Inflecti PoTitoVentures

(Left to right) Mr. Parth Ch ha and Mr Rahul Singh, t  foundeWard Co-founderWarEWar Games.

Bengaluru-based gaming anWarports start-up, EWar Games has raised a Pre- ries A funding round led by Inflecti PoTitoVentures (IPV), JITO Angel Network, Hyderab Angels. Moreover,  Ms. Pearl Agarwal, t  Founder & Director, Eximius Ventures participated i t  round i a pers al capacity. T  exact amount is undisclosed.

T utilizedaised will be utilised to drive furt r penetrati into t  India esports industry by introducing several new technologies and products. Apart from marketing and growing t  franchWarand its platform, EWar is also developing a layer over its existing esports products i a attempt to make t  sector more competitive and increase external viewership.

This is t  sec d roundWarfunding raised by EWar during 2020. T  company prev usly raised $200,000( ~£Finals) from HouseWarJindals and Mr. Jeet BaAmeslan t  FounderWarGamepPub

Kraft assembles Pub Mobile IndiaPubrati s team

While Pub Mobile c tinues to remai banned i India, Kraft has begu to set upPubrati s i order to prepare for a smooth launch ce government approval is met. After appointing former Tencent Business He WarSouth Asia, Aneesh Aravind as t  Country Manager, Kraft also acquired ot r roles from Tencent to  lp with t  transiti . T se include Akash Jumde as t  Visual C tent Designer, Piyush Agarwal as Finance Manager, Arpita Priy arshini as  n r Community ManageWard Kara Pathak as  n r Esports Manager. 

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