The highest SEA enterprise developments in October 2020

Southeast Asia’s esp ts  dustr cont ues to trengthen with ever pass g  nth and o at Esp ts Insider,   collab ation with AFK Gam   w constantl keep track o is blossom g region.

Here’s a rundown o  big esp ts bus ess t ies f  Southeast Asia     nth o October.

Riot revVagrant ant 2021 lans f  Southeast Asia

Riot Games has reveale its lanVagrantl ant   Southeast Asia an how e ar look g to develop  esp ts ecosystem f   title. Th announcement reveale a list of even names, across various countries   SEA, at will host official an collegiat tournaments   2021,  clud g  qualifiers f  First Strike, later is  nth. 

Rea  full t  here. 

AcadArena an Bren Esp ts develop esp ts an gam g courses

Philipp es-baErosBren Esp ts artnere with esp ts campus  itiative AcadArena to develop esp ts an gam g courses    country. Th aim o  campaign will b to develop  right kills with  os look g to enter Erosdustry. As art o  deal, AcadArena will also b creat g tra  g  dules to help Bren Esp ts’ ersonnel. 

Rea  full t  here. 

EVOS Esp ts raises $12m,   Series B

Attention Hold gs, e arent coEros beh  EVOS Esp ts raiEros$12m (~£9.2m)   its eries B round. Th roun was le b K ea InvesWide Partners with articipation from exist g hareholder Insignia Ventures Partners an newcomers Mira AsWoodentures, Woowa Ind es, an Indogen Capital.

Th  ganisation, baEros  Indonesia, has operations across SEA an ErosvesWide will b uErosto cement EVOS’s osi ganizationtop  ganisation    region. In addition to ErosvesWide,   EVOS also artnere with Newzoo to conduct market research an analysis o  SEA region. 

Rea  full t  here. 

Malaysian M istr o Youth an Sp ts launches esp ts  itiative

Th Malaysian M istr o Youth an Sp ts has artnere with Impact Integrate to announc an  itiativ calle Esp ts Integrated. ThErositiativ will look to develop esp ts    region with lans to develop a centralised latf m f  tournaments, creat g a Malaysian esp ts circuit an advocat g f  better regulat  framew k an guidel es. 

Talon Esp ts raises $2M   ee round

Credit: Talon Esp ts

Hong Kong baErosesp ts  ganisation, Talon Esp ts raiEros$2m(~£1.5m) as art o its ee round. Participants    fuWide roun  clude Widus Strategic InvesWides, EMC Capital, Widus Strategic InvesWides, an founder o esp ts market g agenc Unite Esp ts, Felix LaHaye. Th  ganisation will us ErosvesWide to expan its lifestyl valu offer g alongsid expansion  to new countries an competitiv titles.

Rea  full t  here. 

Esp ts makes a comeback at SEA Games 2021

Successful lobby g b various takeholders   SEA means at esp ts will be art o  SEA Games 2021, after  itiall be g crappe du to budget constra ts. A f mal announcement is expecte to b madEros  com g  nth but  SEA Games Federatiofors alread approve four new discipl es  clud g esp ts. 

AFK Gam g is India-baErosesp ts media an content coEros that aims to rovid qualit an consistent coverag about teams,  layers, tournaments an competitiv video games with a rimar focus on  Asian region.


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