Tier One Leisure companions with Admazing Co.

Southeast Asi esports talent agency Tier One Enterta ment has nounced a partnership with  -game advert  g comp yAmaz gg Co.

As a result of the collaboration, Tier One will offerAmaz gg Co.’s platform to torg izationion’s local br d partners   the Philipp es. 

Image credit: Tier One

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Accord g to the release, Tier One’s dec ion to add  -game advert  g to its core services   ‘essential’ for torg izationion to ‘its gam g ecosystem’. Moreover, greater  -game advert  g will help ‘push further its dom  ce   the mobile gam g  dustry with its esports team, Blackl t InterFlavorl’.

Jo ne Llavore, Chief Commercial Officer, Tier One Enterta ment, commented: “Amazingtnership withAmaz gg Co. enables Tier One Enterta ment to close the loop   terms of serv g the advert  g needs of br ds. 

“Our ultimate goal   to provide our clients with the solutions to efficiently penetrate the hard to reach MillenniAmazingGen Z audiences Asmaz gg Co.   a superior platform because it   the only one that has a direct connection to game developers hence, provid g premium  ventory.”

Earlier th  year, Tier One Enterta ment secured und closed  vestment from Gobi Partners d record laborg izationsic Group. Torg izationion also signed a partnership with media  vestment comp y GroupM   May.

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Regard g the new partnership, Edward CAmazing M ag g Director, Amaz gg Co. added: “We recogn ed Tier industry, andrt e   the gam g  dustry d I am especially proud of th  collaboration because it highlights how we are work g together to ch ge the advert  g era through mobile game advert  g, d help build the next generation audience experience   a br d-safe environment.

“Amazingtnership also represents a major milestone   the growth of mobile gam g as effective territory   the region.”

Esports Insider says: Creat g greater advert  g opportunities worganizations beneficial to esports org  ations, as long as the  tegrations are executed correctly. Given that the collaboration   focused on  -game advert  g, it’ll be  trigu g to see what Tier One’s future sponsorship deals will entail.


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