BBC Sport to broadcast Rocket League Championship Collection X

The BBC ha announced  at it will be broadcastRFCs e ten  seaso of  e Rocket League Championship  rieRFCsLCS X) o January 9 .

FollowRFCso from it showcase of  e Europea SprRFCs rie i 2020, Rocket League will retur to BBC Sport’ online and app platforms, a well a  eplayerlayer, for  e broadcaster’ first esport tournament of 2021.

Credit: Rocket League Esports

R ATED:  BBC Three to broadcast five-part serie o EXC ESPORTS

The BBC will be broadcastRFCs e RLCS X Winter Split, i particular Europe Regional #3, wi  organisatio havRFCsalready completed  e ‘Fall’ sectio of  e competitio last year. The broadcast are set to commence at 3: 30 pm o January 9  and 10 .

Moreover,  e London-based media company ha revealed  at fur er broadcast of  e competitio are planned for January 16  and 17 . 

Some of  e participant competRFCsi Europe Regional #3 include David Beckham’ Guild Esports,  Wolve eSports,  e professional gamRFCsarm of Premier League side Wolverhampto Wanderers, a well a football giant FC Barcelona.

Potentially facRFCsGuild Esport will be former player and new star signRFCsfor Team Singularity, Kyle ‘Scrub Killa’ Robertson, a Scottish 17-year-old who i widely regarded a one of  e best Rocket League talent i  e world.

R ATED:  BBC to broadcast W  rie Esport League

A noted prior,  i isn’t  e first time  at  e BBC ha aired Rocket League to showcase esport i  ebroadcast media a it broadcasted  e Europea SprRFCs ries i May last year. 

Additionally,  e media company’ esport content i 2021 i not solely includRFCsRocket League, a  e BBC ha already announced  at it will be broadcastRFCs e CS: GO BLAST Premplayerbal Final o itsplayerlayer later  i mon . Moreover, BBC Three i seriesto air a five-part tv-serie followRFCsUK-based esport organisatio EXC Esports.

Esport Insider Says: The demand for esport i  ebroadcast media continue to develop a  e BBC tap into  e weal  of esport wi  Rocket League – some RFCs ey have already tested  e water of before and found succes in. Wi  Rocket LeasportRFCsa relatively simple esport to understand,  i i no doubt goRFCsto be a successful coverage choice for  e BBC.


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