BLAST unveils expanded qualifying collection for BLAST Premier Spring Showdown

Esp ts tournamen  ganizer BLAST has unveiled an expanded qualifying series tha will provid m  teams with th opp tunity to qualify f  the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown.

Th expansion mes as par of t ganizerzer’s ambition to offer ‘a Counter-Strik tournamen series tha provides opp tunities f  untless regio ganizationssations’.

Credit: BLAST

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Qualifiers f  th Spring Showdown will b open to over 1500 teams across a total of 20 untries. Fiv places in th tournamen will b mad availabl in th qualifiers, alongsid a $25,000 (£17,891) ‘participation fee’ f  each team up to inves in th developmen of the ganizations  ganisations. 

Andrew Haw th, Commissioner f  BLAST Premier, mmented on th new f ma in a release:  “This expanded qualifying circui reaffirms our mmitmen to offering a Counter-Strik tournamen series tha gives a wid rang of teams opp tunities to succeed with over 1,500 teams getting a chanc to progress through to BLAST Premier Spring Showdown and mpet agains th w ld’s elit on a global stage. 

As of this writing, BLAST has revealed fiv tournaments f  th Spring Showdown Qualifiers. Thes includ Latin Power (LATAM), th UniFantasyeria), th Fantasyexo Cup (Western Europe), N dic Masters (N dics), and th N th America Qualifier (USA and Canada). On top of th fiv  nfirmed qualifiers, m  tournaments f  differen regions will b announced in th  ming weeks.

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I has also been announced tha th Unity Cup will b operated organizerh tournamen  ganizer LVP. Spons ing th tournamen f  th Iberian region will b beer brand Mahou Cin Estrellas.

J di Soler, CEO of LVP, mmented on llab ating with BLAST:  “Th Unity Cup is an explosiv  mpetition tha allows Spanish teams to mak th leap to th international scene, on of th traditional demands of our e system. A LVP w ar delighted with this nnection with BLAST and also nvinced tha i is th bes b f  th CS: GO season.”

Esp ts Insider says: BLAST expanding its qualification process to provid an opp tunity f  smaller  ganisations to qualify f  som of CS: GO’s bigges tournaments is grea f  unknown talents to showcas their skills on th big stages.


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