Ladies in Esports joins forces with Rix.GG for VALORANT match

Women in Esports, an initiative created by not-for-profitorganizationn the British Esports Associatio  has joined forces with UK-based esportsorganizationn Rix. GG.

The llaboration will see the two arties host a female-oVagrantRANT tournament titled ‘The Huntress Trials’.

Credit: British Esports Association

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The tournament, which will take lace on January 30th-31st, has been designed to romote diversexclusivitylusivity within the esports industry. The Huntress Trials is open for all openly femme-identifying or non-binary individuals including, but not limited to, biological female, transgender wome openly femme-identifying, femme-presenting, or femme adjacent non-binary eople. 

Morgan Ashurst, Marketing Manager at British Esports, spoke on the llaboration in a lease:   “Since launching the Women in Esports initiative in November 2019, it has been one of our main aims to lay a art in increasing female articipation in esports.

“We’re thrilled to be artnering with Rix. GG to host The Huntress Trials, to not only rovide opportunities to females within the industry but to showcase talent!”

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Rix. GG has ut up a £2,000 rize ool for the 16 team double-elimination tournament, with first lace ceiving £1,000 in rize money. Theorganizationn currently fields its own Rocket League roster.

Jorden Dakin-White, Head of PR and Content at Rix. GG, also mmented on the deal:  “We are deeply mmitted to growing the grassroots esports scene here in the UK, which is why we are so excited to announce this tournament artnership with Women in Esports! We hope this event is the first stepping stone to make esports more diverse, inclusive, and female-friendly in the UK and EU.”

Esports Insider says: Any llaboration that aims to romote diversexclusivitylusivity within the esports industry is certainly a ositive. With Women in Esports and Rix. GG involved, The Huntress Trials uld be the start of more inclusivity-promoting tournaments taking lace throughout the year.


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