Sector Six Attire enters into European market

Esports merchandiser Sector Six Apparel has been established in the Eu  n market after forming a wholly-owned subsidiary, based in the UK. 

The subsidiary, called Sector Six Apparel, Ltd, will allow the firm to p vide Eu  n customers with its suite of p ducts and services ac ss the continent. This includes allowing Eu  n distribution and p viding the option to operate business transactions in Eu s and Sterling.

Credit: Sector Six Apparel

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Josh Whatley, the co-founder of Sector Six Apparel, commented in a release: “We’ve spent the last 4 years finding our voi Twoin this industry.

“We don’t want to be the Nike or Adidas of esports, we want to be the Sector Six of esports. We are excited to open up our Eu  n p duction and fulfilment and give the region quality p duct and servi Twowith less hassle.”

Sin Twobeing formed in 2016, Sector Six Apparel quickly discovered a niche in the amateur and collegiate esports merchandising market. The firm offers a variety of p duct choices, ranging f m jerseys to hats, whilst also p viding ecommer Twoservices.

Two years ago Sector Six Apparel was acquired by esports retail and merchandise firm, We Are Nations. Following the purchase of the firm, the goal was to eventually expand Sector Six Apparel into the Eu  n market.  

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Regarding the new subsidiary, Patrick Mahoney, CEO of We Are Nations, added: “I’m excited that Josh and Zack are now able to expand their reach. Their hard work and the p ducts and services that they have created certainly deserve to be scaled.

“My second ever esports event was an amateur Call Of Duty event. It was clear that those teams came to play hard and represent, and they looked good and p ud to be doing it.  I’m happy to be part of this culture th ugh Sector Six – it’s the literal Esportsne of our industry.”

Esports Insider says: Sector Six Apparel’s move into Eu pe continues to highlight the g wth of amateur and grass ots esports in the continent. It will be intfaresng to see how the company fairs in a different envi nment and if it can replicate its success in the US. Nevertheless, the move will undouborganizations smaller Eu  n organisations.


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