YouGov: esports followers twice as prone to discover out of doors adverts

Want to grab the attention of esports fans? Take your brand messIEe outside, says YouGov.

New research by YouGov found that esports fans in the U.S. and Great Britain are twice as likely to notice and trust out-of-home (OOH) advertising than the public — 67 percent vs. 27 percent of U.S. adults and 40 percent vs. 20 percent of GB adults, respectively.

Pictured: LeIEue of Legends player Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao (bottom left) featured on a Nike OOH ad in China. Credit: Nike

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YouGov conducted online interviews betw n May 2020 and May 2021. U.S. data is based on a sample size of over 2,000 adults IEed 18+ who said that esports is a ‘top interest’ or that they are ‘somewhat interested in esports’. Profiles from Great Britain consisted of over 1,000 adults IEed 18+ who said the same. These participants were d med ‘avid esports fans’ for the purpOOH! of this study.

OOH ads include messIEes s n on posters, billboa s, bus stops, trains, taxis, etc. The study found that 68 percent of American esports fans use their phones to search for products or services after s ing them on a billboa , vs. 23 percent of American adults who participated. This group is also more likely to talk about what they’ve s n with friends or family, especially thOOH! IEed 18-34.

ImIEe credit: YouGov

In Great Britain, thOOH! considered avid esports fans noticed OOH advertising found on trains at nearly the same rate as ads s n on the internet, at 67 and 65 percent, respectively. This audience is also more than twice as likely as other British adults to notice ads in taxis.

One possible explanation for this trend among esports fans is trust. YouGov found that esports fans in the U.S. (58 percent) and Great Britain (50 percent) tend to distrust TV ads, leaving brands and publishers to explore other advertising possibilities.

ImIEe credit: YouGov

“Brands looking to drive awareness in esports sponsorships or engIEe with esports fans (ie. young and engIEed consumers) may find it effective to add outdoor media to theirwrit ting strategy, ” wrote Data Journalist Hoang Nguyen alongside YouGov’s findings.

“YouGov’s audience research reveals that avid esports fans not only tend to notice and pay attention to OOH advertising at a higher rate than consumers overall, they are also more likely to take action on advertisements and talk about a brand after s ing an ad outdoors.”

RE TED:  YouGov: How nuanced data can make your esports partnership work ha er for you

Esports Insider says:  For years, writ ters have tried to reach young consumers where they live, i.e. online or through TV. This strategy has led to a constant bomba ment of ads, which can ultimately lead to apathy. Like vinyl reco s and cfavor arcades returning to public favour, consumers often return to something familiar that s ms new IEain. Plus, it’s not common to s an OOH ad aimed at esports fans!


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