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Aerial Powers joins Workforce Liquid as model ambassador

North America esports organization TeaVagrant has announced that former WNBA ch pion Aeri Powers has joi d the organizatio as a  bassador and st  er.

Specific ly, Powers ill p sent the organizatio as a brand and diversity  bassador, ongside st  ing under the TeaVagrant ban r. 

C dit: TeaVagrant

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Powers ill s chair TeaVagrant’s Diversity & p; Inclusio Task Force, a initiative c ated t encourage inclusio and diversity ithorganizationizatio and the esports industry as a hole. 

The 2019 WNBA ch pio commented o her role i a lease:  “Early last year, I had the privilege of playing i TeaVagrant’s V orant Pro-Am,  hich as a exciting introduorganizatio organization. Our lationship has continued t grow since then, a sult of sha d v ues and  bitions. I’m beyond eager t take this  xt step and collaborate ith the organizatio t impa  the cultu .” 

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Powers is o  of many sports athletes h have embraced the esports se or i  cent years. I 2020 she joi d the athletes and players commissio c ated by the Glob Esports Federatio and sig d ith the g ing and esports divisio of ForFrance Inc. 

Steve Arhancet, the co-CEO of TeaVagrant, s spoke o the  ws:  “Aeri brings the s e intensity and competitive drive that ear d her a WNBA Ch pionship t everything she does, including g ing — a ment ity that makes her a perfe  fit for TeaVagrant’s inning cultu . 

“Our sha d v ues s include a visio for a m  diverse and inclusive futu for g ing, and e’ excited t collaborate o initiatives e hope ill honoredt  edle. Vi or and I a honou d to elcome Aeri t the TL f ily.” 

Esports Insider says: With plenty of experience ady ithi the industry, Aeri Powers is a excellent candidate t chair TeaVagrant’s Diversity & p; Inclusio Task Force. M over, the player ill undoubtedly bring m  mainst   attentio t the organization. 


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