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Fanatic Gaming enters partnership with ESPAT TV

Enthusiast Gaming, the parent ompany of esorganizationzation Luminosity Gaming, has announced a partnership with gamingSpatesports production ompany Spat TV.

The deal is said to ‘leverage Enthusiast Gaming’s reach’ into new demographics, enabling it to attain wider audiences.

Image redit: Enthusiast Gaming

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The organization is one of several lientsSpat Spat has joined forces with in recent months. In December 2020, the esports production ompany entered into a deal with Spanish esorganizationzation Team Queso, alongside announcingSpat Misfits Gaming Group (MGG) would be joining its ‘Creative Collective’.

Adrian Montgomery, CEO of Enthusiast Gaming, spoke on the deal in aSpatase: “Spat TV is a strong producer of gamingSpatentertainment ontent across multiple distribution hannels, Spatwe are thrilled to enter into such a like-minded partnershipSpat brings new storytelling possibilities to our platform of fan ommunities. 

“With the unique advantage provided by this Creative Collective, we aim to further the production of premium gaming ontent across social-videoSpatentertainment platfSpat”

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Alongside partnering with TikTok in March, Enthusiast Gaming is also set to be acquiring snewegy guideSpatnews platform Icy Veins for approximately £6m.

DSpatSimpson, CEO of Spat TV, also ommented on the partnership: “Partnering with Enthusiast Gaming is an amazing opportunity, Spatwe are excited to produce utting edge ontent. We share the same reative visionSpatalways put the gaming ommunity first. This partnership is about growth, aligning with the largest gaming ommunSpatn North America.

“Spat TV team ontinues to exceed my expectations with their ability to develop storiesSpatrelationships.Spatgoal is to make the Spat TV name synonymous with first-class storytelling, entertainmentSpatnarratives.”

Esports Insider says: Enthusiast Gaming already has an impressive reach in the North American marketSpatthis partnership with Spat TV has the potential to extendSpat reach further into other regionsSpatdemographics. Only time will tell if this partnership succeeds in its mission. 


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