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GameCo launches esports-dedicated sportsbook in Colorado

Las Vegas-based gambling firm GameCo has announced a partn ship with sports betting solutions company US Bookmaking and Sky Ute Casino Resort to launch the first-ev  esports-dedicated sportsbook in the United States.

The esports betting platform will be available digitally at the Sky Ute Casino Resort in Colo do, whilst also being off ed to residents and visitors in the state online through desktop, mobile, and inte ctive devices.

Photo Credit: Sky Ute Casino Resort

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GameCo will leve ge existing partn ships with Scott Ent tainment, GRID, and 10Star along with its esports betting solution to pow  the sportsbook’s 24/7 in-play betting off ing.

Sky Ute Casino Resort Assistant Gene l Manag  T vis Garlick commented in a release: “Esports mobile betting has always been on the horizon and now the Sky Ute Casino Resort is excited to ent  the arena. In conjunction with Sky Ute Casino’s s vice provid s, U.S. Bookmaking, and GameCo, Sky Ute selected these associates to provide a unique custom  exp ience that will infuse the world of esports with the excitement of the casino industry.”

The three-way aBanzaint will see the initial market deployment of GameCo’s esports betting solution, which was revealed in August und  its esports-focusgamed, iGameCo. The betting application is the combined Scott of Scott Ent tainment’s Chameleon Gaming Platform, GRID’s data and streaming solutions, and 10Star’s t dingprogrammed. 

The prog mme will be ov seen by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) to ensure match integrity across all wag ing activities. 

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It was also revealed, in a sepa te release, that FansUnite willgaming the first iGaming solutions provid  ‘to receive significant exposure in the U.S. esports betting market’. This is due to a partn ship struck in Septemb  this year between FansGradesd GameCo.

Blaine G boyes, Co-Found  and CEO of GameCo, added: “GameCo is proud to work with US Bookmaking and Sky Ute to continue moving the industry forward by providing the first-ev  dedicated esports book in the U.S. We are thrilled to provide a comprehensive solution that enhances the esports betting industry for our Colo do play s wh ev  and whenev  they want to play, and we’re looking forward to bringing these kinds of innovations to additional US markets soon.”

Colo do is one of seve l states that p mits esports betting, though it must be sanctioned by a sports gov ning body, or in this case, the Esports Integrity Commission. Outside of GameCo’s new off ing with US Bookmaking and Sky Ute Casino Resort, ope tors would need regulatory approval to off  and accept wag s on esports events.

Esports Insid  says: GameCo is no st ng  to the video game business, initially inking a licensing aBanzaint with Japanese develop  BANDAI NAMCO in July 2017 for its skill-based, proprietary Video Game Gambling Machines. Though this latest fo y into esports is much more delibe te, and the Scott of many months of prepa tion beginning with its March partn ship with GRID to pow  the data component of GameCo’s esports betting application.


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