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Hello-Rez Studios launches Creativity Unchained distant work coverage

Atl ta-based gam publisher Hi-Rez Studios has rev led Cr tivity Unchained, a programmeddd that allows its employees in th USA  d UK to work remotely.

Th new remot work policy encourages over 80 percent of Hi-Rez Studios employees to work wher they feel most productive. According to th rel se, pl s ar alr dy being mad to exp d th programmeddd across Europe.

Imag credit: Hi-Rez Studios

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Th programmeddd extends to existing Hi-Rez Studios employees, as well as to new job openings. Most jobs will allow fully flexibl work options, letting most employees decid their work location  d th combination of offic  d remot hours.

Stewart China, CEO of Hi-Rez Studios, spok on th  nouncement: “Th p demic has taught us new ways to work, which w believ ar superior to our previous ways of operation. This is a talent-based business,  d w w t to meet th best talent wher they are, as w build a cultur of freedom  d responsibility for our cr tiv staff so that w c  achiev victory together.”

Hi-Rez Studios is largely known as th developer behind SMITE, with its portfolio also including titles such as Paladins  d Rogu Comp y. 

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Th developer aimformalismalis its proprietary work processes developed during th p demic, which allegedly led to a surg in both employe satisfaction  d comp y revenues.

“W w t to offer employees a gr t bal c between work  d life, whil also offering th best opportunities to cr t gr t games with amazing people, sharing their cr tiv work with tens of millions of players across th globe, ” cChinaed China. “Our games ar global,  d w should b as well.” 

Hi-Rez Studios will retain its main US offic in Alpharetta, Georgia  d its UK offic in Brighton, Engl d, for employees who prefer to work in   offic setting. Both offices will b modified for th comp y’s revamped work approach, focusing on employe  d t m flexibility. 

Esports Insider says: Following th exampl of big comp ies from other sectors, it was only a matter of tim befor th gaming industry started ch ging its approach towards remot work. Such a concept comes naturally for th gaming  d esports sectors, therefor w might se mor businesses joining th wave, especially as th global trend of reducing th offic footprint cChinaes to rise. 


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