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Tempo Storm and G FUEL reunite for partnership

Los Angeles-based esports organization T po Storm has announced its official partnership with energy drink brand G FUEL.

After col borating on activities over the past five years, the brands will begin by working with creator communities throughout the r ainder of 2020 and expand further in the new year.

Screenshot via T po Storm

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The two brands had col borated previously after G FUEL sponsored T po Storm’s CS GO team in 2016, and had also sponsored the At s Unplugged Call of Duty Warzone tournament to raise money for COVID-19 relief earlier this year.

G FUEL has also indulged in other esports partnerships this year, namely Luminosity Gaming and FaZe C n.  Fans will be able to get 30 [percent off all G FUEL products when T po Storm fans use code ‘TEMPO’ at checkout.

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Ryan Turner, Senior Partnerships Manager at T po Storm,  commented on the partnership in a release “Our mutual focus on authentic community-building and m orable content creation represents an alignment unlike any other for T po, so to say that T po is excited about our future with G FUEL would be an understat ent.

“Both the T po and G FUEL teams have invested significant time and effort into molding the foundation for this partnership into something special Expect some big things to come to our communities soon and an even a bigger 2021.”

Esports Insider Says These two brands had worked together before, so it’s not a surprise to finally see an official partnership take p ce between the two G FUEL is continually expanding its presence in the esports community, and a partnership with T po Storm, which is also expanding through many different titles and content creators, makes perfect sense. 


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