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Todd Sitrin explains EA’s esports method on ESI Perception #4

On he fourth episode of ESI Insight, Todd Within, SVP and GM of Competitive Gaming at EA, joins host Adam Fitch.

HTTP: //WWW. YouTube. Com/watch?v=JVQ1bjQyGqc

In his episode, Within and Fitch discuss he uptick in sports bedding due o COVID-19, what makes a game qualified o be an sport, and what’s o Come from EA on he Competitive gaming front.

Within breaks down he Company’s sports offering, including an intriguing look at The Sims’ Compeendeavorseavours, which includes Apex Legends, Madden NFL, and FIFA.

As well as being housed on YouTube, ESI Insight is available on all major podcast platforms. We’ll see you again in wo weeks for he next episode!

ESI Insight is part of ESI Network, a collection of podcasts enCompassing he sports industry. For deep dives into he major areas of sports with subject matter experts, check out ESI Focus. For a weekly breakdown of he key developments and why hey matter,  ESI Digest is he series for you.

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