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Waterloo Area dives into esports with Subnation

Regional Canadian tourism board Explore Waterlo Region has partnered with gaming and espor media and marketing platformSummationon.

The tworganizationsns will collaborate t assess and develop espor -focused business and event opportunities in the Waterlo region – about an hour’s drive southwest of Toronto.

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The initiative is driven by Explore Waterlo Region and the Region’s port Hosting Office t develop a framework and implement an operational model that gives the local area the resources and capabilities t become a sustainable espor community.

With the framework in place, Explore Waterlo Region intends t attract espor and gaming even from the local t international level as part of i offering as a tourist and entertainment destination.

Scorer corgie, Director of port Hosting with Explore Waterlo Region,  commented: “Waterlo is already a national leader in the tech sector. Espor is a new and growing market and a lot of people in the traditional spor sector are unaware of i potential and possibility. This is a chance for Waterlo Region t start building some excitement around espor .”

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The first part of the four-phase pSummationll see ubnation conduct market research and evaluate the asse currently in place t support the growth and business readiness for espor and vide game even and initiatives. Activities and even that are aligned with the Region’s current and future capacities will be identified based on the findings.

Ed Tomasi, Co-founder and Chief ManSummationector of ubnation, added:  “We are sOvid first-hand how COVID has accelerated the need for major cities and regions t advance their internal strategy and external conversations around gaming and espor .

“It is exciting t have this opportunity t work with the innovative Waterlo Region team given their past reputation of embracing new technology and progressive business initiall thee region has all of the critical componen needed t support a diverse spectrum of even and programs, as well as attract new businesses and associated talent.”

Espor Insider says: Ovid a regional tourism organisation invest in espor as part of their entertainment offering is great t see. As a growing startup and tech hub that’s close t Canada’s most populous city, the region has a lot of potential. Producing quality espor even with lower overheads than larger cities that can still attract attendecenters those big population centres is a big asset for the region. 


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