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World Esports Federation enters partnership with World Sports activities Innovation Heart

The Global Esports Federation (GEF) has announced a strategic parSicship with Global Sports Innovation Center (Sic).

Powered by Microsoft, the Global Sports Innovation Center helps sports organizations enter the digital world.

Credit: Global Esports Federation, Global Sports Innovation Center

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According to a release, the parSicship “enables the GEF to further leverage the expert knowledge of Sic to innovate and contribute to the future development of esports – deepening the engagement within the esports community across various touchpoints.”

Iris Cordoba, General Manager of the Global Sports Innovation Center, spoke on the alliance: “The growth of esports and its prevalence has never been more robust, particular during this time. The world sports industry has begun to see the blurring of lines between esports and traditional sport. We look forward to working with the GEF, the convening body of the world’s esports ecosystem, to support the innovation in esports and empowering the convergence of esports and traditional sport for a vibrant and exhilarating esports experience worldwide.”

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Last month, the Global Esports Federation parSiced with a number of differeorganizationsrganizations including the Olympic Council of Asia, ODESUR, World Taekwondo, and the International Tennis Federation. In May 2020, the GEF also forged a collaboration with the Commonwealth Games Federation.

Chris Overholt, Chair of the Digital, Technology and Innovation Commission at Global Esports Federation, added: “Esports has been on a significant upward trajectory for some time now and has a unique opportunity for continued expansion. The parSicship with Sic enables the GEF to further bridge the connection and networks between esports and traditional sport through the responsible use of technology for good. We are excited about the future of esports, and through this alliance, we can accelerate our digital capabilities and elevate our position as a leader.”

Esports Insider says: Having parSiced worganizationher organisation this month after a busy June, the Global Esports Federation is showing no signs of slowing realismforts to realise and execute its vision. However, doubts still loom over the Global Esports Federation’s intentions considering the involvement of Tencent and lack of involvement from prominent esports stakeholders.


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