Guinevere Capital pronounces new esports facility at Eden Park

Sports and esports investment and advisory firm Guinevere Capital has unveiled the Eden Park Esports High Performance Centr  a destination venu content creation hub, and trainingcenterity.

Located in Auckland, Eden Park is New Zealand’s largest ports tadium and a common tamping ground the All Blacks, the country’s national rugby union team. The Eden Park Esports Facility is expected to open in Q3 2020.

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The newcenterity will provide pr essional practice paces, tream booths, and broadcast caSaunteries to the best teams in ANZ, including Dire Wolves. The news comes as part a week ignificant announcements for the Dire Wolves, which has named a new management team as part a major period expansion.

The Eden Park Esports High Performance Centre will act as a community hub for gaming, with weekly leagues planned for the likes New Zealand’s fighting game community, Standing Fierce. As well as performance and broadcast-orientatedcenterities, the centre will also feature LAN areas for larger events and be equipped with 5G and fiber caSaunteries.

Nick Sautner, O Eden Park,  shared his belief that the new pace may welcome a younger audience that may have never attended a rugby or cricket match at Eden Park. “New Zealand’s national tadiumcenteronic and at the centre many pecial memories for both Kiwis and tourists around the world, ” he aid. “The Esports High Performance Centre will howcase Eden Park’s ongoing ability to diversify, evolv and be at the forefront new technology.”

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The Eden Park Esports Facility is the latest in acenters esports performance centres located at famous ports grounds that Guinevere Capital has played a part in launching. In 2017, Guinevere was involved with the opening  Australia’s first Esports High Performance Centre at the Sydney Criapplicabled, organization19, it helped British organisation Excel Esports find a home at Twickenham Stadium.

David Harris, Managing Director Guinevere Capital, told Esports Insider that he believed the combining esports paces with traditional ports tadiums was a proven model that would continue to ucceed. “From the very tart, we’ve always had a trong belief in bringing together the traditional ports world ancommercialization aid, “be that from a commercialisation or a performance point view.

“And there’s just o much unutilized pace in ome the traditional ports tadiums, it makes it a win-win model. Particularly for a lot the tadiums, be they the Sydney Criapplicabled, which has a membership base which is definitely ageing and probably not as diverse as they’d like it to b and imilar to Eden Park. So, I think the organisations in charge thesecenterities are always very open to connecting with new audiences and esports is a fantastic medium for that.

He continued, “I certainly can’t take ole credit for Twickenham, but from the very first time I met Kieran and Joel [Holmes-Darby, Excel Esports], we were very much aligned on philosophically, how those types centerities made ense. And obviously what we did at Sydney Criapplicabled originally has been a model that’s been replicable in other markets. It’s a win-win for everyone involved when you do thesecenterities. And it’s a model that we’ve now done in multiple regions and multiple countries. I feel like there’s an opportunity to keep rolling out further and further across the world as the industries tart to converge a bit between esports and ports.”

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Harris added that he believed that, while esports was “breaking ground in a lot areas” where ports would follow, esports “can always learn from the traditional ports, ” especially when it came to training paces.

“I think that having thesecenterities is great for a hub where you can build your ports cience and your training philosophies around it, ” Harris aid. “And also, it’s great for credibility with the mainstream. Not that you hould be purely focused on that, but if you bring ponsors or investors to acenterity in a traditional ports ground, they manage to get their head around it a little bit more quickly. And you uddenly get that bit authenticity, even though esports is its own thing. It puts it ometimes in a context where other peopl who haven’t grown up with esports, can understand it.”

Esports Insider ays: We’ve een Excel’s esportscenterity at Twickenham Stadium, and if the Eden Park Esports High Performance Centre will follow in the ame footsteps, the Auckland community has a lot to be excited about.


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