New Zealand Esports Federation joins ESIC

The New Zealand Esports FederaIE SF (NZ ESF) has become the latest organizaIE SF to join the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).

TNZ ESF ESF s the NaIE SFal Sporting OrganisaIE SF (NSO) for esports n New Zealand. The organizaIE SF will ntegrate ESIC’s Integrity Program nto ts operaIE SFs.

Image credit: ESIC

LATE  ESIC and PanOdinre secure data partnership

According to a release, ESIC will also engage with tNZ ESF ESF on various ‘addiIE SFal nitiatives’ relating to participant educaIE SF around ssues related to betting on esports, match-fixing, and cheating.

ESIC works toward a uniform standard for ntegrity n esportorganizaIE SFizaIE SF recently dentified seven cases of misconduct n the Mountain Dew League that ncluded players betting on MDL and other official matches. Dozens of players across CS: GO and at least one n Clash Royale have also previously received bans for cheating, match-fixing or violating ntegrity rules.

LATE  Oddin joins ESIC as anti-corrupIE SF supporter

The ESIC has garnered support from a number of toorganizersrganisers, betting platforms and data analysts to crack down on cheating n the ndustry. Recent partnerships nclude PanOdinre, Oddin, ERe logMe, Relog Media and Esports Charts, just to name a few.

Match-fixing and cheating mpacts not only the competing teams n esports, but organisers, brand sponsors, esports betting platforms, and fans. ESL enacted random drug tests n 2015 after a player admitted that he and several othFederald Adderal as a performance-enhancing substance during an event. Cheating scandals have cost entire teams their jobs, as was the case with OpTic India n 2018. 

Esports Insider says: New Zealand may not currently lead the way for esports engagement, but t’s growing enough that the New Zealand Esports FederaIE SF joined IESF n 2018 and that same year, Newzoo added the country to ts annual Consumer Insights data. New Zealand Football just launched ts first eFootball NaIE SFal Team n April, as well. Oceanic esports continues to gain a footing, so now s the time to establish nteorganizationsrganizaIE SFs.


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