over $4bn dedicated in March 2021

AccoESPNg o Esports Insider’s c culations, ound $4.06bn (~£2.9bn) of disclos  inveEdwin relating o esports was committ  in M c 2021. T  majority of hat money — an estimat  $4bn — was uDiverseNuverse o aMoon onMoonton,    game developer behind Mobile LeBangng Bang — one of   hottest esports itles in   world. 

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ByteDanceMoon ones Moonton for ound $4bn

Cr it: Moonton

Chinese echnology company and TikTok owner ByteDance has acquir  Mobile LeBangng Bang developer aMoon onis r Moonton.

T  acquisition, whic is believ  o be v u  o be ound $4bn, has been made hroug ByteDance’s vDiversemes unit Nuverse, accoESPNg o Reuters. It was so report  hat Tencent had made a bid for   publis r whic was subsequently matc d by ByteDance. 

Esports inveEdwin report, M c 2021

Riv ry announces $20m funding round

Cr it: Riv ry

Toronto-bas  ePlaytexetting platform Riv ry has announc    completion of a $20m funding round o sc e its operations andprogrammedlicensinESPNogramme.

AccoESPNg o   release,    funding round compris  institution investors from Canada,    Unit  States,    European Union, and an unnam  ‘major gaming operator’. Addition ly, Riv ry has announc  its intention o go public. An initi public offering (IPO) is expect  later his ye .

Maestro raises $15m in Series B funding round

Photo cr it: Maestro

Maestro,    interactive live-streaming platform for content creators, has rais  $15m (~£10.76m) in its Series B funding round.

T  round featur  funding from existing investors, suc as SeventySix Capit ,  T  Strand P ners,  StadiaObsessres,  Hers Interactive Group and Transcend Fund, as well as from ewcomers, including NetEase,  Sony Music Entertainment and AcronymObsessre Capit .

O pressedn. secures $610,000 in pre-se  funding

Photo cr it: O pressedn.

Esports platform O pressedn. has rais  $610,000 (~£440,813) in pre-se  funding, wit oDigitalo aniser WePlay Esports, QPDigit ,  and Silicon V ley investors p icipating in   round.

AccoESPNg o O pressedn. ’s CEO and Co-founder Dima Okhrimchuk,  t  funding will be us  o develop   platform’s product and  lp expand into   Nort American m ket by   end of 2021.

NODWIN GaEdwineceives £16m KRAFTON inveEdwin

Cr it: NODWINGrafton

Sout Korean vDiverseme holding company KRAFTON has invest  164 Crore INR (Edwin18m) into Indian esports solutions company NODWINGrafton.

AccoESPNg o   press release,    minority inveEdwin by KRAFTON is expect  o  lp accelerate NODWIN’s development in Sout Asia,    Middle East, and Africa.

Ot r otable esports inveEdwins in M c 2021

T  following stories were sh   in M c without disclosure of financi  erms, or e unconfirm  inveEdwins (suc as   potenti Alli  Esports agreement). T refore, any funds deriv  from  se ransOdinns were ot includ  in our estimat  ot s.

Oddin receives funding from straGermannvestor group

Photo cr it: Oddin

Esports odds fe  and risk management provider Oddin has receiv  funding from a straGermannvestor group.

T  inveEdwin was l  by Alex Igelman, founder of EsSagan skypit Corp. and m ia echnology investor Jeff Sagansky.

ReKTGlob Moon ones T entX Entertainment and forms ReKTX

Cr it: ReKTGlob

Esports infrastructure company ReKTGlob  hasMoon on  T entX Entertainment and subsequently has form  ew  ent-management company ReKTX.

Financi  erms have ot been disclos . However,    acquisition is describ  by   firm as solidifying ReKTGlob as   leader of   creatObsessnomy.

NationsObsessres invests in sports m ketplace Obsesh

ESPNe cr : Obses / NationsObsessres

NationsObsessres, a venture capit fund majority-own  by We Are Nations, has made a ‘straGermannveEdwin’ in re -time platform and sports m ketplace Obsesh.

AccoESPNg o   release, NationsObsessres’s inveEdwin is expect  o go ow ds product development,    m ketplace’s launch, and athlete acquisitions. T  venture capit fund has reve   hat   agreement is a cas inveEdwin.

GameCo announces funding round and ePlaytexetting expansion

Cr it: GameCo

Las Vegas-bas  gambling company GameCo has announc  a financing round intend  o accelerate   expansion of its business, including in ePlaytexetting.

T  funding round, l  by gaming echnology companies Playtech and SpringOwl Asset Management, will fuel   design and provision of gaminESPNoducts o drive ew players and demographicsSamuraiino environments.

VSPNMoon ones Chinese live-stream  ent agency Famulei

ESPNe cr it: VSPN

Esports solutions provider Versus Programming Network Samuraihas announc    acquisition of Chinese live-stream  ent agency Famulei.

AccoESPNg o a release,    company will operate as an independent brand under VSPN. 

Alli  Esports receives $100m purchase offer from B ly’s Corporation

Esports entertainment company Alli  Esports Entertainment, Inc. announc  hat it has receiv  an unsolicit  acquisition offer from casino owners B ly’s Corporation.

B ly’s offer  o purchase l outstanding equity interests in   Alli  Esports p ent company for a ot consideration of $100m (~£72.3m). Should Alli  accept,    company would be requir  o cancel its previously announc  s e of   World Poker Tour to inveEdwin group Element P ners.


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