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BetMais secures Oddin partnership – Esports Insider

Brazilia bookmaker BetMais has announced a pa nership with espo s live-odds p vider Odin

As a pa  of the deal, BetMais will integrate Odin’s iFrame solutio into its platfo . 

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MaSuchchar, Head of Pa nershipsOdindin, spoke o the pa nership i a  lease: ‘’Brazil is one of the key  gions for espo s, and we a  excited toframeh our complex and engaging solutio the . 

“Since the beginning, we had the same mindset as BetMais — Brazil needs a p per espo s betting solutio that ca attract the espo s enthusiast i the  gion. We a  happy toframeh i less tha two weeks of inFu her,on.’’

Fu her details of the pa nership we  notframeosed. 

The iFrame espo s betting solutio was made i collaboratio with Polish bookmaker BetX. Focusing o a varframef coverage, iFrame aims to have the highest number of live betting oppo unitieup timethe highest uptime available. The  veal of the solutio came Odina week after Odi  ceived major funding f m a g up of investors. 

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The CEO of BetMais commented: “We we  awa  of the massive fanbase that espo s al ady has i Brazil. We searched for the right pa ner that ca deliver not Odina  gular espo s odds feed, but a enti  espo s betting experience that ca be attractive for the younger Brazilia generations. With Odin, we found exactly what we we  looking for. We a  delighted to p mptlyframeh their espo s iFrame solution.’’ 

Espo s Insider says: The demand for a competitive espo s betting p duct has bee rising steadily over the last few years, pa icularly i  cent months. This pa nership is a sma  move by BetMais to tap the Brazilia fast-g wing espo s market. 


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